• 5 star review  Revised review. After a bad experience with a particular waitress I was invited in to speak to Chef to get the issue resolved. Chef is a great man with great morals & cares a lot for his customers. Compensated me with 2 free meals (which I swapped for 4x soups instead.) regardless of my 1 bad experience it’s not down to Chef or the rest of the staff so I still highly recommend Rice & Things. Truly good food. Veggie chunks are amazing, really good brown stew chicken & soup is always really good!

    thumb BignHungry

    5 star review  Love this place! The fried chicken is to die for. Definitely going back to try other things on the menu. The only issue is parking and no contactless payments.

    thumb Sheamol Ali

    5 star review  The goat curry is the best around, never had better, when in Bristol get your fill, special recommend the coleslaw for that little extra sweetness

    thumb Dan Sanderson

    5 star review  Just had the mutton what can say 10 out of ten though ithink my south london accent threw the staff at first. Note to self speak more clearly next time

    thumb Graham Mùlholland
  • 5 star review  Love this place! The fried chicken is to die for the jerk chicken is nice. Definitely going back to try other things on the menu. The only issues are parking, no contactless payments & the items on the menu are subject to availability.

    thumb Sheamol Ali

    5 star review  Food was perfect, had stewed chicken with rice an peas. Service can be slow at busy periods. friendly service we waited 20 mins to be told no more curry goat. Which was a little disappointing but still really enjoyed the stewed chicken would highly recommend and will go again. Prices are average for this kinda of place. Also soul food can't be rushed which I except that's why I'd still rate give stars.

    thumb Victor Ogunbisi

    5 star review  Very friendly Staff with great authentic food from the Caribbean. The 'last Friday of the month' Buffet is worth the price.

    thumb Rajan Ram

    5 star review  Love this place! The fried chicken is to die for the jerk chicken is nice. Definitely going back to try other things on the menu. The only issue is parking and no contactless payments & the items on the menu are subject to availability.

    thumb Sheamol Ali
  • 5 star review  Authentic, local, small scale, good value, a bit random and basic in a good way!

    thumb ProGaming !

    5 star review  Great Jamaican food. The best outside Jamaica. Love it when they fire up the bbq. You can smell the food miles up the road. Beautiful.

    thumb Frederick Kelly

    5 star review  Great Jamaican food at great prices. Very popular for take away. Highly recommended.

    thumb Liam Reeves

    4 star review  Absolutely great food and service, really enjoyed my meal. Takeaway or eat in with table service. Kids welcome and it's a very popular restaurant

    thumb Teresa Simpson
  • 5 star review  The best place in Bristol for chicken and rice. Was introducted by a friend and have been multiple times since. If only they delivered 🤣

    thumb luke worlock

    5 star review  I had the jerk chicken and it was definitely a good choice. One of the best jerk chicken I have had. The staff was friendly and the prices were reasonable. Fairly quick service also even though they were busy. Would definitely eat here again. Too bad I don't live near here.

    thumb Omar Wilson

    5 star review  Extraordinary food, helpfull, patient and friendly staff

    thumb Nikica Dini Renic

    5 star review  My favourite in Bristol for caribbean food. Chilled vibe, food comes in solid portions and good taste. I had the best jerk chicken ever over there. Well worth!

    thumb Bronislav Snídal
  • 5 star review  My favourite place in Bristol for food and atmosphere. You can tell a lot of love is put into the restaurant. The staff are wicked and you might even be lucky enough to meet Chef...

    thumb arabella webb

    5 star review  Growing up around stokes croft going here was always a treat. Always loved to take it away and enjoy In the comfort in your own home! The coleslaws is to dye for! Love the rice and peas! Also love the jerk chicken, baked chicken, festivals and also plantain I love the spice of curry goat also!

    thumb Sarah Thomas

    5 star review  Food is amazing!! But once again the front of house staff keep messing up my order asked for fried chicken and ended up with oxtail! Other than that great place to eat

    thumb Johnny fingers

    5 star review  Really really great flavours and a great price! The staff are nice and the portions are really generous. By far the best carribean food in bristol and generally my favourite restaurant in Bristol

    thumb avenie mavadia
  • 5 star review  Rice & Things is a quaint and intimate restaurant that offers a Jamaican all u can eat buffet at the end of each month which I went to. The buffet was amazing and I would recommend trying every dish. I had a fantastic cocktail with the meal and the staff were very friendly with the DJ offering a selection of good vibes in the background. Next time I am in Bristol will definitely visit Rice & Things again.

    thumb Donna Miller

    5 star review  Just got back from Bristol this weekend and tried out the restaurant. Food hit the spot. (Beef Soup, Rice n Peas, Oxtail n Coleslaw) I also ordered a Jerk Chicken to take with me....because i could. The staff are friendly and i would definitely go back

    thumb Amari Reid

    5 star review  been coming here every week and it's the best place in Stokes Croft by far! their food is consistently great so you always know what you're gonna get. The goat curry is amazing.

    thumb Cristian Berceanu

    5 star review  First moved to the UK and it was hard to find anything that really tasted “like food” until I found rice and things, was a heaven sent. If you want a recommendation get the large fried chicken, with white rice, fried plantain and the hot chilli sauce trust me. I go there almost everyday and have my receipts to prove it.

    thumb HerbyOnline
  • 5 star review  Excellent, authentic Jamaican food. Relaxed setting

    thumb Clare Williams

    5 star review  Best Jamaican restaurant food I have tasted in the UK. You can tell it's good food by how busy the takeaway section is. People of all nationality and race goes there. And staff is excellent.

    thumb Clive Smith

    4 star review  The stew beef is utterly delicious - the best item on the menu. I have only been for the buffet service, which they do on the last Friday of every month. It’s a good opportunity to try a range of dishes, and excellent value for money. Cocktails are very strong, just how they should be!

    thumb Hangry Man

    5 star review  Food is so good that they run out of it so quickly, so you should go early if you want Oxtail or Curry goat as it goes really quickly. Service is good considering how busy they are, with social distancing in place so only 2 customers at a time. Portions are quite generous. For a couple of extra quid you'll get twice the amount of food compared to regular! Overall really yummy food.

    thumb Rachelle Banaria
  • 5 star review  I can't rate this place highly enough. It's my saving grace of stokes croft, I love it. Chef is awesome as are his team, food is so so tasty. Gets busy in there but that's a sign of good food and with the small space they got i think they do really well. Big ups and thanks for the years of very nice food

    thumb huw lloyd

    5 star review  Mindbogglingly tasty food, great staff & service. Best Jamaican food in Bristol.

    thumb Matt Read

    4 star review  Escovich fish is always excellent. 👍 Can be a queue and still using polystyrene👎

    thumb John Rarity

    5 star review  Never been disappointed by a meal here, i usually take away (get there as early as you can to avoid the queue and if you're in a rush opt to take your food cold and warm it at home, it will get to you much faster!) Everything i've had has been packed with flavour, generously portioned and just delicious. Curry goat, oxtail and brown stew chicken are all richly seasoned and saucy full of perfectly tender chunks of meat. I recommend requesting an extra pot of gravy, you'll want it for your rice and pea. Fried chicken is crispy and well seasoned, ackee and saltfish is melt in the mouth with well balanced saltiness, always just right. Last recommendation- hit up Jamaica night at the end of the month for powerful cocktails, reggae and the best all you can eat buffet of your life. I'm greedy as hell but even after an 11 hour shift i could only get through one piled up plate featuring my favourites and some awesome new menu additions. At 12 pounds i felt i was robbing the place and wished i had more change to tip! Best takeaway in the area and no nonsense real carribean flavour.

    thumb Camila Carrillo
  • 5 star review  Hands down the best Caribbean eatery in Bristol. And easily one of the best I have tried in the entire country. The oxtail was beyond delicious, and the rice and peas tastes exactly as it should.. Real good homestyle, cooking prepared with care and passion. Thank you!!

    thumb Crystal Ali

    5 star review  Tastes like home! As someone from the Caribbean, I can say that this food is 100% authentic and the best Caribbean food I've had in Bristol. So far I've had the stew chicken, jerk chicken, stew fish, Ital stew, always with a side of rice and beans and coleslaw. Everything is full of flavour and portions are very generous. The take out service is always quite quick and even when they're a busy you don't have to wait unreasonably long.

    thumb Nadiyah Abdul-Jabbar

    4 star review  Food was delicious and fresh. Large portions. Service was also good.

    thumb Yvonne Munetsi

    5 star review  I left Bristol years ago but still think about this place. Lived in London 3 years and have yet to find jerk chicken or curry goat as good as here.

    thumb Natalie Rio
  • 5 star review  Com here wid the family! Great

    thumb Devan Trey

    5 star review  I’ve been here twice and I can’t recommend it enough! Everyone is friendly and you definitely get what you pay for and the BBQ is great. If you’re thinking of trying it then go for it!

    thumb L .

    5 star review  Friendly staff, fantastic food, great cocktails 👍

    thumb Cat McIntosh

    5 star review  Best Jamaican restaurant I had ever been. The beef... Just amazing. The last Friday of each month, under booking, free buffet at the restaurant with different food and special drinks every time. I definitely love it.

    thumb Raquel Sanjurjo