A la Carte Menu

(Dinner Menu: Done to Order – available between 5.30pm – 10.00pm)


Vegetable Fritters (V) £3.00
Caesar Salad (V) £3.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken Bits £3.50
Crispy King Prawns £3.50
Chicken Wanton £3.50
Stamp & Go £3.50
Red Herring & Water Crackers (S)(H) £3.00
Ackee & Saltfish in the middle £3.50

Salad Dishes

Salad de’ Rice & Things £8.50
Special Fish Salad £8.50
Chefs Salad £8.00
Caesar Salad £6.00
Plain Black River Salad £5.00

Side Orders

Clarendon Mash Potato £2.00
St Thomas Fried Green Plantain (V)
(crushed with salt)
St Thomas Fried Ripe Plantain Slices £1.50
Garlic Bread (V) £1.50
St Mary Roti (V) £1.50
Rice & Things Festivals (V) £0.70
French Fries (V) £1.50
Southfield Roast Potatoes (V)
(Plain or with Cheese, Garlic and Herbs)
Coleslaw £1.50


Shrimp Dishes

Shrimp Dishes
(unless otherwise stated)
Hope Garden Butterfly Shrimps £14.00
Vere Curry Shrimps (H) £14.00
Rosegrey Coconut Shrimps £14.00
Tolegate Shrimps with Cashewnuts (N) £14.00
Shrimps de Rice & Things Combination £14.00

 Lobster Dishes

St Best Garlic Lobster (Seasonal Prices)
St Mary Curried Lobster (H)
Seaside Steamed Lobster
Portmore Lobster in Oyster Sauce
Hanover Grilled Lobster
Greenbank Lobster in Sweet Peppers


Fish Dishes
(unless otherwise stated)
Pego Keys Steamed Fish £15.00
Island Escovitch Fish (H) £15.00
Little Ochi Brown Stew Fish (H) £15.00
Sunny Acre Sweet & Sour Fish (Fillets) £15.00
Yallas Curried Fish (H) £15.00
Jamaican Capital Ackee & Saltfish £15.00
Manchoniel Roast Fish (Dr Fish) £17.00


Beef, Lamb and Goat
(unless otherwise stated)
Golden Grove Curry Lamb Chops (H) £12.50
Boston Barbeque Lamb Chops £12.50
Cheapside Garlic Lamb £14.00
Mitchell Town Curry Goat (S) (H) £12.50
Westmorland Stew Oxtail (S) £12.50
Guys Hill T-Boned Steak £15.00
Belfield Stew Beef £12.50
Beef de Rice & Things Special (Roasted) (H) £13.00


Poultry Dishes
(unless otherwise stated)
Spring Village Fried Chicken £12.00
Lionel Town Curried Chicken (H) £12.00
Faiths Pen Jerk Chicken (H) £12.00
Southfield Chicken & Sweet Peppers £12.00
Rice & Things Chicken Lasagne £12.00
Walkers Wood Brown Stew Chicken £12.00
Mothers Stuffed Chicken Breast £12.00


Chapleton Stewed Pork (H) £12.00
Authentic Jamaican Pork Chops £12.00
Maypen Pork Chops in Black eye Beans Sauce £12.00
Rice & Things Barbeque Pork Chops £12.00
St Thomas Pork in Garlic & Ginger Sauce £12.00
Boston Jerk Pork (S) (H) £12.00


Vegetarian Vegetable Combination (V) £11.50
Ze Chef Special Vegetarian Stew (V) £11.50
Plain Chop Suey (V) £11.50
Tofu Chop Suey (V) £11.50
Manchester Curry Chunks (V) (H) £11.50
Manchester Veggie Chunks (V) £11.50
Sunny Side Steamed Calaloo (S)(V) £11.50

all meals served with:

  • Rice & Peas
  • White Rice or
  • Boiled Food  (S)

N= Contains Nuts
V=Suitable for Vegan
H=Hot or Spicy
S=Subject to Availability


Sliced Jamaican Fruit Cake & Rum Cream £5.00
Black Forrest Cake (S) £4.00
Ripe Banana Fritters (S)(V) £3.00
Cinnamon Slice £3.50
Fruitful Vale Fresh Fruit Salad (V) £3.50
Ice-cream £3.00
Annotto Bay Ripe Banana Split £3.50
Selection of Cupcakes (S) £2.00

(S) = Subject to Availability
For full list of available drinks please request menu

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