Chef working with young people at Vinney Green Secure Unit

To start the new year Chef spent time with some of the young people in Vinney Green which is a secure unit for children and young people.

Rice and Things treasures the growing relationship that we have with the staff and the young people.
On this visit Chef worked with a small group of young people to cook a three course meal, where they helped prepare, cook and learn new skills and knowledge in cooking Jamaican food.  Chef was also able to talk on a one to one basis with each young person, motivating them towards positive future steps.

Of the visit Chef said “It was a humbling time.  As much as I taught the young people, their experiences and attitudes spoke volumes to me”

Here are a few words from the young people Chef worked with:

“Chef was really nice and kind-hearted. He was a good teacher and explained everything really well and made me feel at ease which is important to me as I’m a shy person and I felt like he listened to me and took and interest in us as individuals”


“The cooking session was good. I feel like I learnt some new skills that I will put to use when I next go cooking”


“I enjoyed it. Chef was calm and seemed like he knew his stuff. I would like to do it again if I get chance”


“I thought it was interesting and I really enjoyed making and eating the food”


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