Tier 3: Wishing our Customers a Merry Christmas 2020 from Rice & Things!

Alas, things will be different for all of us this Christmas. However, one thing you can count on is that Rice & Things will help to make your Christmas that little bit more special.

Although we cannot accommodate anyone in the restaurant itself, our Christmas Takeaway Meal menu will not disappoint!

To pre-book, please come to the restaurant to secure your meal with a deposit. We can cater for orders as small as one, or for groups as large as your family gathering.

The 2 course meal is available as a vegetarian or vegan option, plus you can add a delicious cake or dessert to complete your order., and don’t forget your complimentary bottle of sorrel.

So although it won’t be the same, we still will do our best to help you have a great Christmas season!

View our Christmas Takeaway Meal menu

Wishing you a safe Christmas for 2020

Merry Christmas from Rice and Things

Christmas will be different this year at Rice and Things. The pandemic’s hold on the country means that we are unable to serve you in the way that we are used to. BUT we will serve you!

So this year we are unable to offer a dining service but are offering a stunning Christmas Takeaway Meal menu which comprises of a starter and two mains. You can even complete the luxury by ordering a half or full cake to munch on whilst drinking your complimentary bottle of sorrel.

So although it won’t be the same, we still will do our best to help you have a great Christmas season!

Merry Christmas from Rice and Things

View our Christmas Takeaway Meal menu

Christmas Takeaway Menu 2020

Starter: choice of one

  • Festive Chicken Balls with Pumpkin Puree
  • Jumbo Prawn Cocktail
  • Garlic Tossed Beans with Pumpkin Puree (v)

Main Course: choice of 2 per person

  • Rice and Things Smoked Spare Ribs
  • Luxurious Lamb Curry
  • Succulent Roast Salmon
  • Rice and Things JerkTurkey

Vegan Main Specials

  • House Special Five Bean Delight (v)
  • Veggie Mince and Black Eye Beans (v)


All mains served with

  • Gungo Rice and Peas
  • House Special Pumpkin Rice
  • Garlic & Herb Roast Potatoes
  • Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

Complimentary bottle of Sorrell


Why not add a whole or half cake order to your menu?

  • Cornmeal Pudding (Whole £20  Half £10)
  • Rich Rum Jamaican Fruit Cake start at £25 (8in) prices vary with size to £60

Christmas Takeaway Meal Prices

£30.00 per person take away (STARTER & MAIN ONLY) (£22 child price)

The Small Print

All Christmas take-away meals must be collected STRICTLY between 12pm and 3pm ONLY.

All Christmas Day Take Away MUST be pre-booked.


Full payment for Christmas Day takeaway bookings MUST be paid by 20th December 2020

The 20th December is the closing date for all Christmas Day bookings

Avon & Somerset Constabulary show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement at Rice and Things.

Rice & Things would like to thank Avon & Somerset Constabulary for showing their support and solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement, following the tragic death of George Floyd, which has sparked protests across the USA

Rice and Things’ director Chef invited Bristol Police to Take The Knee in solidarity with the anti racism protests that will be taking place in Bristol on Sunday 7th June.

Supt Andy Bennett expressed the police’s wish that the racism that has led to the protests should never happen in Bristol, and that they wanted to show their support for the cause of justice and equality.


An Open Letter from Chef (Rice and Things) on BLACK LIVES MATTER

“Rice and Things stands in solidarity with all of our Black Brothers and Sisters across the globe at this crucial time in our history. In working towards stamping out this dangerous, evil that lives among us called racism, we symbolically take the knee in show of our support for this evil to be eradicated, with no stone left unturned.

We take the knee alongside Avon and Somerset Police Constabulary. There is a reason for this. Let me be clear. There is a vote of thanks we give to the Force not just in terms of what is happening now, but with regard to the journey of anti-racism that they have been on.

With specific reference to current Chief Constable Andy Marsh, Chief Superintendent Andy Bennett, and paying tribute to former Chief Constable Colin Port, I pay tribute to them, as over the years they have shown both vulnerability and humility in their attempts to eliminate racial inequality within their workforce, and in the ways that their officers execute their duties. It has not been easy. They have implemented change and are still looking for ways to try to eradicate racism from the within the organisation, out.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh has done an exceptional job in the way he has gone about creating the balance of closing the gap both within the constabulary, and within the communities that he serves across Bristol. It is not something to take lightly. As we face the stark realities of the impact of structural racism, it is fitting to acknowledge where work is being done. So we thank him for his support, and the officers who stand against racial injustices and inequality. As we work together our aim is to get this monster under control.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to remind our Black Brothers and Sisters across the globe, that as we campaign for change, the real change has to come from within. We need to stop killing and hurting each other senselessly. And in the same way we stand in solidarity against the senseless police brutality against our communities, we need to stand in solidarity against the senseless, needless implosion of self-hate, territorial nonsense, and a misplaced sense of “respect” which leads to the loss of life. We here, in Bristol, have seen our children 14 years an upwards facing years in prison through senseless murders they have committed. Our first step is that we have to start to clean house, working together in unity and caring for each other; as the old adage says, united we stand, divided we fall. Let us choose to fall together, as we stand together for change.

We are in pain for George Floyd, for systematic oppression everywhere, the extremes we see where the only “weapon of ammunition” for deadly force we possess is a packet of sweets! (Trayvon Martin shooting, Florida).

We also weep for the losses we create within our own communities by our own hands.

May the souls of our slain rest in peace. But those of us with breath, may we continue to campaign for the justice that we deserve. I call to action every organisation who is willing to work towards sustainable change, stamping out the evils of inequality and injustice, so that we are able, step by step creating something different.

I am a man, a Black man, raising Black men, responsible for Black men in my employ. I pledge to fight until there is nothing left to fight.”


Wine Menu

Red Wine

Red Wine
(Hse only by the Glass)
£5.50 (175 ml) / £7.30 (350 ml)
Las Estrellas Merlot 2009 (Chile)
£14.00 per bottle
Chanti £15.00 per bottle
Joffe Hijas Malbec 2006 UCO Valley Mendoza Argentina £16.00 per bottle

White Wine

White Wine
(Hse only by the Glass)
£5.50 (175 ml) / £7.30 (350 ml)
Las Estrellas Sauvignon Blanc 2009 (Chile)
£14.00 per bottle
Rouwke’s Drift South African Cape White:
£16.00 per bottle
Sacchetto Prosseco Frizznte di Paolo: £29.00 per bottle
Vouray 2002 £17.00 per bottle

 Rose Wine

Rose Wine (Glass) £5.50 (175 ml) / £7.30 (350 ml)
Villa de Anges 2009 £13.00 per bottle
Rice & Things Special Sorrel Wine £3.00 per shot

Other Wine

Sauvignon Bordeaux / Blanc £15.00 per bottle
Pinot Grigio £15.00 per bottle
Traben Trabacher Wurzgarten Riesling 2008 £16.00 per bottle
Foundling Chenin Blanc 2009 Voor Paardberg (S. Africa) £15.00 per bottle
Cotes de Bergerac £15.00 per bottle
£2.00 per shot (25ml)
Moscatel £2.50 per shot (25ml)
Avery’s 10 yr old TAWNY Port

A la Carte Menu

(Dinner Menu: Done to Order – available between 5.30pm – 10.00pm)


Vegetable Fritters (V) £3.00
Caesar Salad (V) £3.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken Bits £3.50
Crispy King Prawns £3.50
Chicken Wanton £3.50
Stamp & Go £3.50
Red Herring & Water Crackers (S)(H) £3.00
Ackee & Saltfish in the middle £3.50

Salad Dishes

Salad de’ Rice & Things £8.50
Special Fish Salad £8.50
Chefs Salad £8.00
Caesar Salad £6.00
Plain Black River Salad £5.00

Side Orders

Clarendon Mash Potato £2.00
St Thomas Fried Green Plantain (V)
(crushed with salt)
St Thomas Fried Ripe Plantain Slices £1.50
Garlic Bread (V) £1.50
St Mary Roti (V) £1.50
Rice & Things Festivals (V) £0.70
French Fries (V) £1.50
Southfield Roast Potatoes (V)
(Plain or with Cheese, Garlic and Herbs)
Coleslaw £1.50


Shrimp Dishes

Shrimp Dishes
(unless otherwise stated)
Hope Garden Butterfly Shrimps £14.00
Vere Curry Shrimps (H) £14.00
Rosegrey Coconut Shrimps £14.00
Tolegate Shrimps with Cashewnuts (N) £14.00
Shrimps de Rice & Things Combination £14.00

 Lobster Dishes

St Best Garlic Lobster (Seasonal Prices)
St Mary Curried Lobster (H)
Seaside Steamed Lobster
Portmore Lobster in Oyster Sauce
Hanover Grilled Lobster
Greenbank Lobster in Sweet Peppers


Fish Dishes
(unless otherwise stated)
Pego Keys Steamed Fish £15.00
Island Escovitch Fish (H) £15.00
Little Ochi Brown Stew Fish (H) £15.00
Sunny Acre Sweet & Sour Fish (Fillets) £15.00
Yallas Curried Fish (H) £15.00
Jamaican Capital Ackee & Saltfish £15.00
Manchoniel Roast Fish (Dr Fish) £17.00


Beef, Lamb and Goat
(unless otherwise stated)
Golden Grove Curry Lamb Chops (H) £12.50
Boston Barbeque Lamb Chops £12.50
Cheapside Garlic Lamb £14.00
Mitchell Town Curry Goat (S) (H) £12.50
Westmorland Stew Oxtail (S) £12.50
Guys Hill T-Boned Steak £15.00
Belfield Stew Beef £12.50
Beef de Rice & Things Special (Roasted) (H) £13.00


Poultry Dishes
(unless otherwise stated)
Spring Village Fried Chicken £12.00
Lionel Town Curried Chicken (H) £12.00
Faiths Pen Jerk Chicken (H) £12.00
Southfield Chicken & Sweet Peppers £12.00
Rice & Things Chicken Lasagne £12.00
Walkers Wood Brown Stew Chicken £12.00
Mothers Stuffed Chicken Breast £12.00


Chapleton Stewed Pork (H) £12.00
Authentic Jamaican Pork Chops £12.00
Maypen Pork Chops in Black eye Beans Sauce £12.00
Rice & Things Barbeque Pork Chops £12.00
St Thomas Pork in Garlic & Ginger Sauce £12.00
Boston Jerk Pork (S) (H) £12.00


Vegetarian Vegetable Combination (V) £11.50
Ze Chef Special Vegetarian Stew (V) £11.50
Plain Chop Suey (V) £11.50
Tofu Chop Suey (V) £11.50
Manchester Curry Chunks (V) (H) £11.50
Manchester Veggie Chunks (V) £11.50
Sunny Side Steamed Calaloo (S)(V) £11.50

all meals served with:

  • Rice & Peas
  • White Rice or
  • Boiled Food  (S)

N= Contains Nuts
V=Suitable for Vegan
H=Hot or Spicy
S=Subject to Availability


Sliced Jamaican Fruit Cake & Rum Cream £5.00
Black Forrest Cake (S) £4.00
Ripe Banana Fritters (S)(V) £3.00
Cinnamon Slice £3.50
Fruitful Vale Fresh Fruit Salad (V) £3.50
Ice-cream £3.00
Annotto Bay Ripe Banana Split £3.50
Selection of Cupcakes (S) £2.00

(S) = Subject to Availability
For full list of available drinks please request menu

Lunch Menu

Available between 12pm – 5pm
Monday-Saturday(except Bank Holidays)

Rice & Things Daily Specials:

  • Curry Goat
  • Oxtail & Butter Beans
  • Fried Chicken (Jamaican Style)
  • Ackee & Saltfish
  • Ital Stew
  • Brown Stew Chicken
  • Curried Chicken
  • Stewed Beef
  • Baked Chicken

Served with one of the following:

  • Rice & Peas / Plain (white) Rice / Boiled Food
  • Festivals or Hot Steamed Vegetables

Takeaway: £7.00 small / £8 large / £10 extra large
Dining in: £15.00 
£8.00 Dining in

Soup of the Day:

 Eat in:  ………………………..  £5.00
 Takeaway: Small ………………………..  £2.50
Large ………………………..  £4.00 

All Fish done to order
Prices start from £17.00
Not available in children’s portions



(Done to Order)

Beef/Chicken/Egg/Bacon/Cheese (all inc. Salad) £3.50
Vegetarian (Grilled Tofu & Salad) £3.50
Club Sandwich £4.00
Sandwich de’ Rice & Things (inc. Chips & Salad) £5.00

Prices inc VAT

Standard Menu

Available from 5pm daily
All day Sunday and Bank Holidays
Please check with waiting staff for availability

  • Country Ladies Soup of the Day


  • Mitchell Town Curry Goat (S)(H)
  • Westmorland Stew Oxtail and Beans (S)
  • Belfield Stew Beef
  • Perry Town Peppered Steak


  • Jamaican Capital Ackee & Saltfish
  • Manchester Veggie Chunks (V)
  • Chef Special Ital Stew(V)
  • Little Ochi Brown Stew Fish (S)


  • Spring Village Fried Chicken
  • Lionel Town Curried Chicken (S)(H)
  • Faith’s Pen Jerk Chicken (S)(H)
  • Walkers Wood Brown Stew Chicken
  • Baston’s Baked Chicken

all served with

  • Rice & Peas, White Rice or Boiled Food
  • a Crispy Salad or Hot Steamed Vegetables


  • £15.00
  • Child: £8.00

*All meals served with a complimentary soup starter*
All fish dishes cooked to order prices start at £17.00

  • Soup: £5.00
  • Fried Dumpling/Festival: 70p each
  • Ripe Plantain Slices (3): £1.50

N= Contains Nuts
V=Suitable for Vegan
H=Hot or Spicy
S=Subject to Availability

Set Menu Options

Available from 5pm daily
Please check with waiting staff for availability

Set Menu 1

Minimum of 3 people
£17.50 per head

  • Mitchell Town Curry Goat (S)(H)
  • Jamaican Capital Ackee & Saltfish
  • Spring Village Fried Chicken

Set Menu 2

Minimum of 5 people
£20.00 per head

  • Jamaican Capital Ackee & Saltfish
  • Mitchell Town Curry Goat (S)(H)
  • Spring Village Fried Chicken
  • Faith’s Pen Jerk Chicken (S)
  • Perry Town Peppered Steak

Set Menu 3

Vegetarian Option
Minimum of 3 people
£17.50 per head

  • Manchester Veggie Chunks (V)
  • Chef Special Ital Stew (V)
  • Henrietta’s Vegetable Combination (V)
  • Jamaican Capital Ackee & Saltfish

all served with

  • Rice & Peas, White Rice or Boiled Food
  • and a Crispy Salad or Hot Steamed Vegetables

N= Contains Nuts
V=Suitable for Vegan
H=Hot or Spicy
S=Subject to Availability

Jamie Oliver at Rice & Things

Jamie Oliver with Chef at Rice and Things Jamaican Restaurant, Bristol

In 2010 Jamie Oliver contacted Chef to ask if they could meet. Jamie had heard about Rice & Things restaurant and wanted to feature Chef in his forthcoming TV series. He also wanted to spend some time talking to Chef, watching him cook and learning to understand his culinary viewpoint.

Jamie came to visit Rice & Things with his team, filming Chef cooking a variety of traditional Jamaican dishes including saltfish, peppered steak, oxtail and hominy porridge.

Jamie Oliver with Chef at Rice and Things Jamaican Restaurant, BristolThroughout the day Jamie and Chef exchanged experiences and chatted. Chef talked to Jamie about his own personal journey, his political views, and his wish to see a future legacy to improve the lives of young people.

They found that they shared the same perspective on many of the important issues of life, finding many similarities in their culinary passion and their wish to create a lasting legacy that would improve people’s lives.

Chef said of Jamie: ‘He’s an amazing guy, who is looking for a better future for generations to come. The diversity of his thought and work both attracts and inspires me’.

Jamie has recently launched his latest book “Jamie’s Great Britain” which classes Chef’s food as a new British Classic.

The book accompanies a series by the same title which was broadcast on 20 October.

Read about Jamie’s visit to Rice & Things in this article by The Sun newspaper:

For the tour last year, Jamie and his team packed up a Land Rover, complete with kitchen and bar, and in Bristol he visited Chef’s humble 12-table Jamaican restaurant and takeaway, Rice & Things. Since then, the pair have struck up a friendship and Jamie has even asked Chef to help him mentor graduates from his Fifteen chef training scheme.Chef, 34, recalls their first encounter: “Someone phoned the restaurant saying they worked for Jamie Oliver and asked if they could come and see me cook. At first I thought it was a wind-up but I decided to see what happened and invited them along. They said they liked what I was doing and the next thing I knew Jamie was walking through the door. Immediately we struck a good chord as he was passionate about his job. Like me, he isn’t just in it to win it — he is in it because he has a heart and soul.”Jamie Oliver with the staff of Rice and Things Shy Branatic Neufville, 38, likes simply to be known as Chef – but he is about to be unwittingly catapulted into the culinary limelight after Jamie chose to devote two pages of his new cookbook to him and his small Bristol restaurant… Jamie, 35, explains: “Chef has become an inspiration to me. He is wise, he is a one-man band give or take, and he makes my hair stand on end. Recently, I met Desmond Tutu and Bob Geldof and they were amazing, but I enjoyed the time I spent with Chef just as much. He has come to this country and contributed in a beautiful way. When it comes to this business we’re in, a lot of people talk the talk but he is doing it with a sense of grace, authority and wisdom – he does his job effortlessly…. …Just being in his presence is something special. I remember coming out of his restaurant Rice and Things thinking, that’s the most inspiring person I’ve met for a long time. He represents hope and success and in my opinion he is a big talent.”
The Sun Newspaper’s feature about Jamie Oliver meeting Chef at Rice and Things Jamaican Restaurant, Bristol